Spend some time praising the Lord and giving thanks for his work in your life.


Give thanks for falling rates of death and infection.

Give thanks for greater freedom.

Give thanks for the financial support provided to businesses and individuals.

Pray for the ongoing research to develop a vaccine for Covid 19.

Pray for those still in hospital and those bereaved due to Coronavirus.

Pray for staff and residents in Care Homes.

Pray for safety and energy for essential workers.

Pray for wisdom and understanding for Government leaders in Stormont and Westminster as they introduce measures to relax the lockdown.

Pray for patience and wisdom and self-control as people tire of the current restrictions.

Pray for people experiencing heightened levels of stress, anxiety and challenges to their mental health.


Pray for those in PCI seeking to draw up guidance for congregations as they respond to relaxation of the lockdown restrictions and prepare for the return to church buildings.

Pray for those seeking to influence the abortion debate in N Ireland and working to respond to the disgraceful abortion legislation implemented against the clearly expressed wishes of the majority our elected representatives. 

Pray for mission workers and causes that you are familiar with.

Pray for mercy for the lost in our communities in the light of the cancellation of so many evangelistic events in N Ireland and across the world.



Pray for our church community:

 That we continue to develop our understanding and appreciation of church.  For example:  firm foundations (Matthew 16:18); mission (Matthew 28:19); purposes (Ephesians 3:10); actions and responsibilities (Acts 2:  42-47)

That we look to God and fix our eyes (and hearts) upon Him (Colossians 3:1-3; Hebrews 12:  1-3; Psalm 40)

That people in positions of leadership will seek guidance and wisdom from God in order to make decisions that honour Him.

Pray for Elders and Committee Members as they seek to lead the congregation in uncertain and unfamiliar situations. Pray specifically for wisdom as they consider a timetable for returning to the church building and what preparations will need to made to enable that to happen safely and wisely. 

Give thanks for our Youth & Community workers and pray that the Lord would equip and empower them for their ministry.

Pray that young people and families in the community would be open to their ministry. 

Give thanks for the technologies that allow us to keep in touch during lockdown.

Give thanks for the health and safety our congregation has enjoyed.

Pray that the Lord would bless the online services so that that God's people are encouraged and strengthened. Pray that people from Ballysally community and further afield would listen in and be drawn to the Lord.

Pray that the Lord would bless the use of DVDs for our members who are not able to make use of the online opportunities and that those who want them will receive them. Ask the Lord to keep us united as congregation and to strengthen us to do all we can to find ways to keep in touch with one another and that the Lord would bless us ad make us a blessing.

Pray that the Lord would continue to provide for the financial needs of the congregation and that members of the congregation who can, would continue to support the FWO scheme.

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