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The Sunday morning service is our main time of worship together each week. The service includes songs, prayers, and a sermon or talk explaining how the bible applies to us today. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and people wear what feels comfortable to them. 


We are used to having children in the services and include content specifically for them, before they go out to their own programme about half way through the service. Parents of babies and toddlers can use our creche room if the children become unsettled.


Visitors are very welcome at any of our services. There are no current public health restrictions and there is no need to book a seat in advance. 


The services are live streamed on YouTube and are available from 11am each Sunday. Click on the link to access our  YouTube channels.The link can also be accessed from our Facebook page.


In the meantime check out our Resources page for some support, and find out what we do through the week here

You can find us just off Burn Road, Ballysally, Coleraine.

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